Gen P: New Generation of Product Owners Who Care About Customers!

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We believe in the passion of product owners to create products that deliver value!


We believe in the empathy of product owners for their customers!

Gen P is a best selling book that takes the product owner through the journey of learning.

The new techniques will teach products owners how to make customers happy, while building successful organizations.

Here is a book that teaches you more techniques to be successful in your career and receive the recognition you deserve!

- Joanna Tivig & Peter Monkhouse -

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ACHIEVE the skills required for the New Generation of Product Owners!

Gen P is a best selling book for product owners focused on building knowledge through examples. Here are the eight chapters:

  1. Challenge the Status Quo - Recall current challenges in organizations
  2. Agility for Business - Migrate from complex to simple structures
  3. Crash the challenges - Position your product for success
  4. Hone the Team - Create a SMART product team
  5. Iterate to Make it Happen - Apply the iterate product development approach
  6. Enable Effective Ownership - Define the 5Ps of product ownership
  7. Value Sustained Delivery - Identify value streams and reduce waste
  8. Excel as Product Owners - Improve your product owner skills and continuously learn.


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Ricardo Vargas, Executive Director at Brightline

"Gen P addresses with majesty the aspects of moving from ideas to results in an agile environment. Covering aspects related to communications, human behavior, and agility, Joanna and Peter bring to the reader the key points every single person needs to bridge the gap between what is on paper and what becomes reality."

Kevin Aguanno, President at Procept Associates

"Very easy to read and engaging book. It presents a unique perspective on the role of the product owner that expands upon the definition as known it the agile world to be something broader that ALL organizations should use. I found the arguments to be both thoughtful and thought-provoking. Highly recommended."

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John Estrella image

Dr. John Estrella, Co-founder and President at Agilitek Corporation

"The product owner role is an important but not a very well-defined role in most organizations. Glad to see that the authors finally shed some light on the expectations for the benefit of predictive and adaptive project management practitioners. They provided ample historical context on how the concepts can be applied to ensure product success."

John Sariyannis, Vice-President at Bank of Nova Scotia (retired)

"The Book is an excellent reference guide to articulate processes and value in the implementation of the Product Owner role. It provides good context of Agile terms and definitions while clearly articulating value of referenced role. The reference material, including the use cases, are both relevant and appropriate to drive home the key messages. It’s a great read including the discussion around metrics. As you can’t manage the value of the efforts, if you can’t measure same. The structure of the book is one that allows for an ongoing utilization, to facilitate a successful implementation of Product Owner(s)."

John Sariyannis image
Ian Holdsworth image

Ian Holdsworth, Management Consultant and Entrepreneur

"The book Gen P, New generation of Product Owners Who Care about Customers, is a must read for any professional who leads a team to deliver results. Ensuring you maintain focus on your customers requirements, your teams needs, and what product features truly generate value can be a complicated system of interconnected people and processes. Gen P helps to distill this complexity into manageable actions that are the mainstay of success in a highly competitive environment. Gen P is not a one and done read. It’s a guide that will stay on your shelf -  referenced time and time again increasing your chances of success at each release."

Joyce Philip, Entrepreneur

"I love the philosophy of Joanna and Peter’s book Gen P. This is a book that can work for anyone in all walks of life because we are all “Product Owners” and the product is YOU!

In my case, because I am 90 years old, I had to be willing to challenge the “status quo” as indicated in chapter one of the book, which involves continued transformation my fixed mindset into a growth one, which is also known as an agile mindset (page 47).  Lastly the book, reinforces the importance of active listening whether it is to your customer, family, stranger or most important to yourself.  Well done Joanne and Peter, all the best."