Who are Product Owners?

Link with customers --- Guardians of the product life cycle --- Leaders and coaches --- Accountable and empowered --- Results-oriented ---Often called Product Managers

Who are Our Learners?

Indira Akula

Research Laboratory Technician

"The course, New Gen P for Product Owners was a unique online delivery system of systematically and seamlessly flowing information that takes you through the ACHIEVE Product Ownership. I found the content easy for understanding and the templates were well designed for easy application of ideas learned in the modules. I have enjoyed my virtual and digital interaction with Joanna and Peter who have made the learning experience both fun and rewarding. I have also greatly benefited from reading the book, Gen P side by side along with completing the module templates which further allowed me to have a greater depth of understanding of the content with the pertinent examples provided in the book. I highly recommend this course for anyone with an interest in lean processes, bringing agility and product ownership onboard into their organizations."

Nesha Ali

PM CoE Consultant

"Having read the book Gen P, New generation of Product Owners Who Care about Customers, and completing the online course, I found a balanced mix of content that was timely, insightful and actionable. I consider it as foundational for anyone in project management.

I would recommend to organizations who invest in their human capital, making NewGenP courses available to better equip their staff who are tasked to make a transformation happen, solve a stalled adoption or even maintaining stability after a change.

For me, having worn a Project Management Centre of Excellence hat responsible for building capability at CIBC, I looked for training to provide value and the competency lift I needed to demonstrate. It was important for me to secure relevant instructional content, tools & templates, with guidance and support to build upon the best practices and work standards that we established."

Syed Ishteaque Ahmed

Business Systems Analyst

"I have been greatly benefited by the templates shared in "The Product Owner - New Gen P" course. The templates adapts a lean approach for product documentation and is easily understable by the technical and business personnel. Completing the course assisted me to gain new and unique perspectives on product management and applying the knowledge earned at my work eventually enabled me to step in as a product management adviser to my functional managers. The book itself is a great guide for the daily product management activities."

Ian Holdsworth image

Ian Holdsworth

Management Consultant and Entrepreneur

"Big thanks to Peter Monkhouse and Joanna Tivig for putting together this course and follow-up to their best selling book Gen P. The course and book are a highly digestible way to hone your skills as a Product Owner and a guide to making strong business decisions in general. Highly recommend this to both the seasoned and novice. Today's marketplace requires strong leaders who can deliver value on a dime and lead a team to best result. The Product Owner course covers the best practices to make that possible."

Who are We?

Joanna Tivig

Joanna Tivig works in product transformations. She is a business owner and board member for Product Owner Toronto. Joanna has been teaching business analysis, product and project leadership, and agile PM for University of Toronto since 2009.

Peter Monkhouse

Peter Monkhouse has over 40 years of experience leading teams and organizations. Peter is a business and product owner, and a strategy execution advocate, who believes that projects deliver products and products ultimately deliver strategy.

Product Owner. Your next career step!

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A Product Owner earns over US$100,000 annually. Senior Product Owners earn over 50% more. Treat yourself with a promotion.

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We help you link your product to the customers to deliver value. Make products sustainable and demonstrate you are a strategic thinker.


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This is a comprehensive Product Owner course. Learn entrepreneurial, ownership and leadership skills to help you think outside the box. 

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Become a Product Owner. Get rewarded with a certificate of completion and claim your badge for this course. And get 16 PDUs. 


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Product Owner Online Course Overview

Designed to help you acquire product skills. Acquire product owner skills and deliver more value to customers.


Challenge the Status Quo

Focus: Product challenges

  • Describe products challenges
  • Identify how products support strategy
  • Learn the meaning of ACHIEVE©
  • Assess your product owner skills

Outcome: Identify main skills to focus on.


Agility in Business

Focus: Business improvement

  • Explore right-side and left-side of your brain
  • Apply 3R’s of listening to customers
  • Identify opportunities to eliminate waste
  • Decompose complexity 

Outcome: Master feedback approaches.


Crash the Challenges

Focus: Change behaviors

  • Implement effective delegation
  • Develop a change management plan
  • Assess the impact of culture
  • Realize benefits in products

Outcome: Create new ways of working.


Hone the Team

Focus: Leadership skills.

  • Perform a team assessment
  • Assess product owner leadership skills
  • Define the team's readiness for changes
  • Determine the team’s culture

Outcome: Build a high performing product team.


Iterate to Make it Happen

Focus: Iterative approach

  • Define the iterative approach
  • Build a backlog of product features
  • Develop user stories based on features
  • Formulate product releases

Outcome: Build a product backlog with prioritized features.


Enable Effective Leadership

Focus: Product ownership.

  • Describe the 5P’s of product ownership
  • Understand the role of the product owner
  • Define the 5 keys to product success
  • Evaluate the level of trust on the team

Outcome: Understand product ownership and leadership.


Value Sustained Delivery

Focus: Sustain products

  • Explain reliability and quality
  • Define value stream mapping
  • Design customer feedback approaches
  • Embed continuous improvement

Outcome: Reflect on how to generate additional customer value.


Excel as Product Owners

Focus: Product owner

  • Compare project and product roles
  • Explain product ownership benefits
  • Select five tips for product owners
  • Create a personal development plan

Outcome: Create a personal plan to grow product skills.

Why is this experience different?

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Guided Feedback

From Joanna Tivig and Peter Monkhouse,  leaders in product and project management. 

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Simplified and Explained

Concepts with real life examples; complete exercises; and apply. It is that simple!

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Anytime, Any device

From the comfort of your own space, whenever, wherever, and on any online device you want.

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