ShuHaRi for the New Generation of Product Owners

customer feedback Mar 12, 2020

The ShuHaRi concept emerged in Japanese martial arts and describes the stages of learning to achieve mastery. The concept was first introduced in Agile by Alistair Cockburn as a way for people to develop techniques, practices, and tools for software development. It was based on continuous learning and improvement and was at the core of agile delivery, where learning and continuous improvement to how we perform in our roles are fundamental.

I find it so pertinent for product owners and the evolution of the product owner role to a different level – a new generation of product owners who care about customers and deliver value for those customers. It means,that while we adhere to traditional wisdom as a novice, we should break with it if needed, especially when we gather new knowledge which allows us to understand the essence of past success. What follows should be transcendence to a new expression, based on tradition’, based on what ShuHaRi says.

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