general Mar 08, 2020

Welcome to NewGenP

On this blog, Joanna and I will post our thoughts on product ownership. We believe that for organizations to be successful, they need great products. Products that deliver value to customers. To have great products, organizations need product owners that have the skills of the new generation of product owners.

We have grouped the skills into seven groups based on the acronym ACHIEVE:

  • Agility as the lean path of developing great products
  • Crash the challenges faced by product owners
  • Hone the team to support the delivery of products
  • Iterate to make it happen by using adaptive techniques
  • Enable effective ownership of products as a product owner
  • Value sustained delivery to ensure product success
  • Excel as product owners for organization and personal growth

We have outlined the key skills in our book Gen P New Generation of Product Owners Who Care about Customers and provided additional details in our course Product Owner available on www.newgenp.com.

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