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Educate yourself 

Take an online course.  Read a book. Watch a video.  It's all learning.

Get the training you need whether you're a new to product ownership and management or not.   Learn through explained concepts from experienced instructors; see through real life examples; do through worksheet templates; apply in the workplace. It is as simple as that!

Learn at your own pace, where ever,  whenever is convenient for you.  All our training: synchronous or asynchronous, can be taken whenever you have to time to dedicate to your self-development.

Pick a course that is right from you from the list of our partners and have a chance to learn something new and unique. 

Online Training

Partnering Programs

NewGenP has partnered with leading education companies and institutions to supplement, augment, improve the training offerings.

Want a custom course built for your organization?

Product Owner Training

Product Owner Training

Best products have the right features, sell in the right place and time, with the right price and have the right promotions. That is the easiest recipe that is the hardest to achieve. 

What is missing? A lot more, additional ingredients, valuable process steps, tools and techniques, and years of experience gained through trial and learning. 



University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies

Product Management and Ownership – Creating Value

This course equips you with practical techniques for iterative planning, product development, change management, quality improvement, and on-time delivery using real-life examples and exercises.

You’ll work on a case study, develop your own product using an iterative product development approach, learn to work with teams, and emerge with the skills needed to create value and an awareness of new possibilities for your career.

Approx. 18 hours of course material

Online Class

Can be applied to Advanced Project Management certification

Who is this course for?

  • Products Owners

  • Product Managers

  • Business Analysts

  • Project Managers

  • Business Owners

  • Program Managers


Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner® (A-CSPO)

Learn how to take a product of your choice from discovery to launch and beyond.

Develop a product vision, strategy, and execution plan for a new or existing product with help from Scrum Alliance® Certified Coaches.

You will leave this course with next-level skills and tools to succeed as a modern and effective Product Owner.

20-hours of pre-work

one-day virtual A-CSPO event

Full lifetime access

Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner ® (A-CSPO) credential

Who is this course for?

  • Product Managers

  • Project Managers

  • Consultants

  • Business Analysts

  • Functional Managers

  • Executives

  • Business Managers

  • Sales People




Product Owner Masterclass

Acquire the practical techniques for agile planning, iterative product development, change management, quality improvement, value stream mapping, gathering customer feedback, and on-time delivery. 

This course will help you develop the leadership skills critical for product owners and help you create your product owner development plan.

5 hours of on-demand video

Full lifetime access

Certificate of completion

Who is this course for?

  • Products Owners

  • People interested in product ownership

  • Product Managers

  • Business Analysts

  • Project Managers

  • Business Owners

  • Program Managers

PMI Ascent
PMI Ascent

Product Owners in Action

Learn new skills and new tools to ensure that your products deliver value to customers using the iterative product development approach.

This course will teach you how to apply the principles of agile product development, project management, and lean change.

You'll design and develop a product using the iterative product development approach.

Understand the key characteristics of a Product Owner and learn how to apply leadership, team-building, and development techniques in an agile environment.

4 hour course

32 instructional videos

32 quizzes and 8 exercises

Certificate of completion

Who is this course for?

  • Product Owner

  • Project Manager

  • Business Owner

  • Agile Coach

  • Scrum Master

  • Entrepreneur

Agile Project Management Trainin

Agile Product Development

Agility is the currency of any business.

Agile product development shows you that we've acquired much needed learning and improvement, and we discovered new ways of making our users and customers happy

We hear so much about Agile and Agility, we take courses, we read articles and books. But how do we actually start implementing Agile in our organizations? If you have this question, then this course is for you.


Start Agile - Essential Steps

Start now to create your agile project and prepare your organization for agile!  This course has all the required steps to create an agile environment for your organization.   Each of the steps includes an example to guide you to a successful agile transformation.

2.5 hours of on-demand video

Full lifetime access

Certificate of completion

Who is this course for?

  • Product Owners

  • Project Managers

  • Business Owners

  • Agile Coachs

  • Scrum Masters

  • Entrepreneurs

Reviews and Testimonials

These reviews and testimonials are from our supporters, students, professionals who have been part of our journey. The happy faces of our customers are the best rewards we can ever get.

Learning never ends.  We regularly record conversations with experts about topics important to today's Product Owner.  Check them out.

Our book

ACHIEVE the skills required for the New Generation of Product Owners

Need to adapt to an ever-changing marketplace?​

Want to learn about how to make your products successful?

Need to re-invent the way you develop products?

Our book Gen P: New Generation of Product Owners Who Care About Customers is the first book that focuses on product owners in all industries for all teams, beyond the Scrum framework.​

  • Stop wasting time and money on features that customers do not want

  • Deliver value to your customers through valuable features

  • Start getting satisfied and engaged customers

  • Create SMART product teams that care about customers

  • Create an agile product culture in your organization

We've taken our experiences in project management and product ownership to outline for you the skills, behaviours, and solutions for the new generation of Product Owners who care about customers and create products that deliver value.

Our book challenges the Status Quo by talking about seven concepts to will help you ACHIEVE success:

  1. Agility for Business

  2. Crash the challenges

  3. Hone the Team

  4. Iterate to Make it Happen

  5. Enable Effective Ownership

  6. Value Sustained Delivery

  7. Excel as Product Owners

We believe in the passion of Product Owners to create products that deliver value!

We believe in the empathy Product Owners show to their customers!

Read more about the 5P's of Ownership and how Product Owners and Managers can develop these skills to make the customers happy and satisfied.

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