Our Digital Toolkit

Here are some favorite tools that we want to share with the New Generation of Product Owners to help you manage your products!

The right tool can make a difference in the work you and your team do!

We only recommend those tools that we use and trust. 

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The Smartsheet platform allows you to collaborate, manage, and report on work in real-time, automate workflows, and deploy new processes at scale. Smartsheet is a great tool to use for your product backlog and user stories.

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The Jira Software is a development tool helping the team plan, track and release a product in the hands of the customers. Combined with other plugins like Confluence or Bitbucket, Jira helps manage the product development pipeline.

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Trello is a tool that helps the team build the product backlog and visualize the product features. Trello is easy to use and flexible interface on browser or mobile device. 

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MURAL is a digital tool used for team collaboration and information sharing in a virtual, easy to use space. With a variety of templates and resources, Mural is the ideal tool for product mapping, customer journeys, team charter or visual boards. 

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Google Jamboard is an interactive virtual white board that can help you, your team, and your customers collaborate visually. You can drop images, stickers, or import assets from your PC or web while building the right collaboration canvas for your needs.

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Miro is another digital tool used for team collaboration and information sharing in a virtual space. Its templates such as user story  maps, kanban, 4P marketing or balanced scorecard will help you start the conversation with your teams and stakeholders. 

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Survey Monkey

Survey monkey is an easy questionnaire tool that helps you create, analyze and share data and insights with your management and customers. You can get questionnaire templates for different purposes, market research, customer feedback and more. 

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Digital Tools

 The New Generation of Product Owners use tools to produce results and be effective on the job.

We recommend these tools based on our experience. However, remember that each tool serves the needs of the team and they are only effective when used in the right way for the right purposes.

Be part of the conversation. Share which tools you use and how you use them.


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