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Joanna Tivig

Joanna Tivig has built her career through various roles in project management and product development. As an Agile transformation leader, she has executed digital initiatives and built high performing cultures. She believes in the power of people working as a team and getting things done. Joanna Tivig has complemented her career as an instructor and course developer for the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies for over a decade. She has been teaching courses of business analysis, leadership, and agile project management for thousands of students. 

Joanna Tivig is an active volunteer for agile events and has organized the Toronto Agile Conferences in 2018 and 2019, and Open Space Toronto 2019 and 2020. She aims to build a community of product managers and product owners who care about customers as a board member of Product Owner Toronto. Her mission led to the writing of the best selling book Gen P - New Generation of Product Owners Who Care About Customers. 

Joanna Tivig continues her mission to build the new generation of product owners through the organization she founded together with Peter Monkhouse - NewGenP.

Contact Joanna: [email protected]

Peter Monkhouse

Peter Monkhouse is a product owner and entrepreneur, with NewGenP being his latest company. Peter an experienced speaker, educator, and consultant with over 40 years of experience leading teams and organizations to deliver value through projects. He has been a keynote speaker at over 20 events around the world and delivered courses for 20 years at Ryerson, the University of Toronto and the University of Calgary to over 6,000 students. Peter recently co-authored the bestselling book Gen P: New Generation of Product Owners who Care about Customers and has given successful presentations and workshops based on the book content to PMI Toronto, Product Toronto, Procter and Gamble.

Peter Monkhouse is an active volunteer with PMI for over 25 years. Peter served on the PMI Board of Directors for 6 years and was the Chair of the 2012 PMI Board and the PMI Educational Foundation Board of Directors for 6 years and was Chair in 2018. Presently Peter is on the Board of Directors Project Managers Without Borders.

In 2021, Peter was named a PMI Fellow.

Peter Monkhouse has a BSc (Engineering) from Queen’s University, MBA from the University of Toronto, and received his PMP from PMI. Peter is a certified PMI Authorized Training Partner Instructor and received the 2016 Excellence in Teaching Award from the U of T School of Continuing Studies.

For more about me, see my LinkedIn profile. 

Contact Peter: [email protected] 

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